Rock The Dress | Brighton | Julia & Matt

When a good friend and fellow photographer Jordanna mentioned that we should nip off and have a few days away and head to Brighton I was all ears. I’ve never been down to Brighton before, and i wasn’t disappointed. I did make a bit of a mistake and managed to book our hotel around 2 miles out of town and the walk was a little immense, but safe to say, once we worked out that there was a bus stop right outside the hotel, all was well.

Jordanna was awesome and arranged for us to spend some time with Julia & Matt, so they could don their wedding outfits again and get some new creative and alternative shots of the two of them. You can take a peek at Jordanna’s images here.

Big love to the following awesome wedding suppliers, Joanne Fleming Designs, Julia’s dress was just stunning full on 1930’s lushness,  Melissa Morgan Designs for the loan of Julia’s beautiful head dress which matched with her frock perfectly. Gresham Blake for Matt’s awesome bespoke tweed suit and Gunns Florist for Julia’s beautiful blooms and Matt’s lush button hole. Julia’s mum house was stunning which is where Julia got ready, i think Jordanna was about ready to move in!

Massive Love to Julia & Matt – this one is for you xx

Rock The Frock_0006 Rock The Frock_0009 Rock The Frock_0010 Rock The Frock_0011 Rock The Frock_0012 Rock The Frock_0013 Rock The Frock_0014 Rock The Frock_0016 Rock The Frock_0017 Rock The Frock_0018 Rock The Frock_0019 Rock The Frock_0020 Rock The Frock_0021 Rock The Frock_0022 Rock The Frock_0023 Rock The Frock_0024


2 thoughts on “Rock The Dress | Brighton | Julia & Matt

    • Awww lovely, soooo happy you love them – you and Matt totally deserved to have gorgeous wedding photo’s and now you have some from Jordanna & I. Told you to trust me about the floor xxx

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