{Welcome Home}

Well, i had my mind blown at the Welcome Home workshop. It was just incredible and i have to be honest, i do have a slight girl crush on Emma Case. The workshop took place at Belt Craft Studios, London in November  Yes i know, almost 4 months ago!

Sometimes its good to let everything sink in. I think my{Being Honest} post stemmed from everything I took away with me from the workshop.

Going on workshops are really important, its great to meet other photographers, working from home can be a little isolating, as a creative person, its great to have other creatives to bounce off – as much as I love Enzo, as a cat, he just doesn’t always get it. I also got to meet Pete – Emma’s awesome husband as well as Lee & Dawn from Sutterbox Films. I was dead chuffed to finally get to meet Alexa from Alexa Loy Photography, believe it or not, Alexa lived not to far from me when we were growing up and actually went to secondary school with an old friend of mine. Small world huh!

I love Emma’s honesty, she speaks from the heart and is so, so passionate about her craft. {LOVE}

Here are a few (alot) images from the couples shoot.

Massive love to this gorgeous pair Blanka & Neil, for being so, well gorgoeus!

Welcome Home-1 Welcome Home-2 Welcome Home-4 Welcome Home-5 Welcome Home-6 Welcome Home-7 Welcome Home-8 Welcome Home-9 Welcome Home-10 Welcome Home-11 Welcome Home-12 Welcome Home-13 Welcome Home-18 Welcome Home-19 Welcome Home-20 Welcome Home-21 Welcome Home-22 Welcome Home-23 Welcome Home-24 Welcome Home-26 Welcome Home-27 Welcome Home-28 Welcome Home-29 Welcome Home-30 Welcome Home-31 Welcome Home-32 Welcome Home-33

Welcome Home-34

A truly awesome day with new friends made.

Thankyou x


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