Being Honest


I have not yet quite finished my first whole year shooting weddings. In that time i have learnt so much, met so many amazing people and shared tonnes of awesome, magical and perfect moments. It’s hard starting a business. Really hard.

You spend ages looking at other people, comparing yourself to them, comparing your packages, what you offer, how you do things, what you included, what you don’t include, products that you offer, products that you can create, hours of coverage you offer, how you send your information out, taking advice from others… changing what you offer, changing your prices, packages, how you do things…  ( head exploded yet?!) not to mention design of your website, do you have a real website, using a blog instead, populating your Facebook page, submitting weddings to blogs, going on courses to push yourself, listening to others, making changes, changing them back, offering an album, creating ‘bolt ons’ to your package e.g charging for all the digital files, extra hours, second shooters, wall art.. the list goes on.

But do you know what? throughout all of this, there is one thing that remains the same for me. throughout all the changes i have made to the packages i offer, the coverage i offer, what you get at the end… i just want to create images, take photographs, I want to capture your day, capture everything that is important to you, create a story about the start of the most amazing journey that you will go on together.

Being married is awesome, hard at times but bloody awesome. The images that i create on your day, should be yours to keep, look back on, love, cherish, enjoy, cry to, smile at. Writing all of this down right now, i have excited explosions going off in my tummy, thinking about my own wedding images, thinking about the day where i could have quite literally  burst with happiness.

The honest truth is i love creating images – all of them for you to keep. I want to get to know you as a couple, see what makes you tick, find out what is important to you, work with you, be part of your day and capture all the little things.

Wedding Photography Wales

I was left this beautiful comment only yesterday from Laura’s (see the gorgeous couple above) mum:-

”Amy, words fail me (not something that happens regularly)
the photo’s of Laura and Rich’s Wedding are superb, I seriously don’t think I will ever be able to look at them without crying.
I love the truly natural, emotion, atmosphere, capturing way you took the pictures – don’t ever give up your photography – you have an amazing gift. 🙂  Thank you so much ♥ xxx”

Being a photographer is a gift, one that should be share with everyone. Your wedding day images should be shared with everyone you hold dear, as well as the ones that might not even be in your life yet.

Wedding Photography Sparklers

Big super honest love to you all, Amy xx


8 thoughts on “Being Honest

  1. Wow Amy well written and well said chick! Love your passion for photographing weddings 🙂 lots of love Charlotte xxx

  2. How have I only just seen this?!

    She’s completely right though Amy (that’s not something that happens often either 😉 )

    You’re bloody ace xx

  3. Oh no, you nearly had me started off again!!!, love your passion and skill Amy, and that you appreciated my comment – I meant EVERY word (and the fact that for once, Laura agreed with me!!!!!! 🙂 ) Bless you – may you continue to take lovely photo’s capturing those precious moments in life that can never be repeated, for many, many years. (I think you’re bloody ace too ❤ ) xxx

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