Amy Lewin Photography | Why I Love….

So, its been a pretty amazing few days.. i have been on the most awesome photography workshop run by the uber talented Emma Case.. I will blog about the Welcome Home Workshop in the next few weeks, but for now… here’s is a little insite in to {why i love}…

Honestly, i bloody love what I do, I love my couples – They are all awesome and I loved working with them to capture their wedding.. to capture their personalities & to craft some imagery that they will love – because the photographs are them.

Its taken me ages to find one in particular as to be quite honest with you  – I love them all.

So, the image.

& this is why i love it (i have been having fun with my new graphi tab!)

Some images work sooooo well in monochrome, I always think & feel that it allows you to really focus on the image in hand, without being too overwhelmed by bright colours and distractions. To me this image is all about the happiness; the sheer joy of being married. Charlotte & Josh grinned from ear to ear all day – all day! To me this image really sum up these two. Fun, Happy, Excited, Quirky, In Love, Creative, Easy Going, Humourous, Relaxed and best of all {married}

I *Love* – alot


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