Simon & Lorna {Engaged}

I have teased you all with a several posts of a few frames only – well team, you are in luck today as here is a full engagement shoot blog post!
Ta Da!
LOVED these guys, it was a blustry cold day, on a beach in October – but boy was it worth it. We had the beach to ourselves, a tiny little boat rigged on the beach but a beautiful start of a sunrise. I really adore North Norfolk for engagement shoot locations, after the coldness of Brancaster, we headed over to Sandringham Forest to take in some autumn colours and after waiting for an age, the sun made a guest apperance – BINGO
I was so chuffed to receive this feedback from Lorna & Simon – it made me grin from ear to ear….
”Amy Lewin you are an actual superwoman! Thank you so much for the INCREDIBLE pictures from our shoot; you’ve captured the day perfectly, the wind, the cold… all the good stuff! We can’t wait for your beautiful vision at our wedding next year… stay awesome until then! Much much love from Lorna and Simon”

5 thoughts on “Simon & Lorna {Engaged}

  1. Oh Amy you have made us cry, these photos of our beautiful daughter and her wonderful man are fabulous, you have captured their personalities completely, so excited for next year and meeting you on the magical day for the most wonderful couple – Lorna and SI.

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