Sunday catch up {10.06.2012}

Wow – first of all, a huge sorry for my lack of content, its been a little manic of late. I have decided to add a new regular post to the blog ‘Sunday Catch Up’ Hopefully i will eventually find a better title for it! But i decided it would be a good way to let you all know that i am still here and that i have not quite fallen in to a black hole…


Another week has passed by, my week off from the day job. Always slightly upset at how fast the week goes when not at work… Although it was a holiday week, it was a super busy one, with lots going on, so inspirational moments and  one day where i witnessed such a magical and special moment.

Believe it or not, today is both my brothers birthday and also Mr L’s sisters birthday. So we will be off soon, to visit them both. Mr L’s sister is having a birthday BBQ, but it’s just not any birthday BBQ, it’s a celebration, of her engagement! 🙂


This week saw the jubilee celebrations, it was awesome to celebrate such a moment in history, it will never happen again in our lifetimes. The rain held off, the street was closed and we ate far too much food. The high light at the end of the party was a huge box of fireworks, being let off in time to ‘Land of Hope & Glory’

I took along this epic pudding.

You can see how to make it {here}


This week has been a week of shoots.

A lush beach side one at Hunstanton, i do love the beach.


An amazing vintage/festival inspired wedding.

* Plus, one of the most wonderfully, lovely and romantic shoots i have ever done.

Jonny proposed to Ros… and she said yes 🙂

I love capturing moments, especially ones like these – leaves me feeling all fuzzy and warm inside…

and on that note…. Enjoy your Sunday

Amy x

Wed tog


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