Hello 2012….

Soooo Welcome 2012.

I may have said it before – but I’m 30 THIS YEAR! It doesn’t seem even remotely possible that i am leaving my 20’s behind and venturing in to the next decade of my life…

I am, i have to say, slightly excited about 2012 and what this year may bring. I intend to make the most of each day and by documenting it via The 366 Project I will hopefully be able to give you all an insight in to my world.

Its going to be a busy year for me, and i cant wait.

As with all new years, resolutions are made. However i am not sure if resolutions are the best way to start a new year. Instead i am going to decided on some aims for the year.

  • Take a photo each day as part of my 366 project
  • Blog at least twice a week on my Amy Lewin Photography page
  • Exhibit at a local wedding fair
  • Take part in a 10KM run
  • Develop my Photography skills
  • Promote  100% Handmade crafts via the events i run with a friend through the V&A Craft Events blog & fairs.
  • Plan an awesome joint 30th party for me and my hubs
  • Get my website up and running
  • Refine my wedding and lifestyle packages so there is something to suit everyone
  • Enjoy each day of 2012

All manageable i think!

So here it is, the first photo from The 366 Project 

Happy New Year!

Amy xx

p.s super chuffed to be a proud sponsor of Want That Wedding!


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